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India 2040

Disclaimer: Things written here might offend some. But that is no issue, to be offended is the objective. However, one must remember that this is purely a work of fiction.

The results for the 12th are out today and my neighbour’s son has passed with flying colours, rather a topper of his batch. I excitingly queried about his career dreams, and with a 56-inch chhaati (now a benchmark for ‘handsome quotient’ among the teenagers) he proudly announces that he will be appearing for the entrance exam for 21 Gau Rakshak Battalion under the Ministry of Defence.

It became his dream job after the millennium revolution of cow protectionism. He explained how, in a school project, he did a comparison of the anatomy of a cow and a buffalo to show what makes the holy mother and the calves, oh sorry, the half-brothers worth the stay in the Gau Mata Kalyan Griha. He has been attending the coaching classes for the exam since standard 9 under the Skill India movement hosted by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, endowing free education on such subjects and clothes (though of the particular shade Khaki—the colour of nationalists. It could even be kesariya, just like the new jerseys of Indian cricket team, but then Khaki represents service). Well, his parents are very supportive too, as the battalion pays really well, enough to support the family which has been through the turmoil of momos and noodles.

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Secularism Sleeps Sound

Secular is a word that has fallen off its sense and often finds itself used at instances where it isn’t meant. And thus, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi makes the graveyard remark in Fatehpur, many hail it as a secular statement.
The statement may sound implying no bias to many in the approach by politicians, but definitely the appeal wasn’t so. Here is where the meaning of secularism goes amiss. I would have believed it be a secular statement if the malice of garnering the support of targeted religious groups wasn’t inflicted upon it. The Prime Minister never gave such a statement during any rally in any other state. The counter view might say that it is Uttar Pradesh where it is needed the most, to which the response can be simple—yes it is UP where Bhartiya Janata Party needs to play the communal card and win over. The statement definitely doesn’t appeal equally to all the religions. Bhartiya Janata Party has a repute, reliance and relation associated with RSS that it cannot refute. The implication highlighting Samajwadi Party’s inclination towards Muslims (considering a group as a vote bank) could have been delivered better if secularism was the concern.

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Jolly wins, not Akshay Kumar

(Originally published on Chits and Chetters: Read it here)

A satire well written on Indian judiciary seldom fails, and Jolly LLB 2 gets the unanimous applause for the theme. Walking on almost identical lines of its predecessor Jolly LLB starring Arshad Warsi, it continues the legacy with an extra pinch of lampoon and hilarity. Obvious it may sound, because the setting this time is not Delhi, but something closer home to conviviality-Uttar Pradesh.

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Losing self on the tunes of Sarinda

There are not many hands playing Sarinda, a three string traditional musical instrument of Tripura. Ranjan Debbarma, 60, is one of six people in the state with finesse over the instrument. At Natya Gram, it was one-of-its-kind attempt to bring the soulful music of this instrument in theatre. Sarinda music paired with that of flute and dholak was extensively used in the first play of the 20th People’s Theatre Festival, ‘Roop’.

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I do not know theatre, says Ratan Thiyam, the master

Tradition is like a waterfall, a stream that has flowed through time for over hundreds of years, affected by socio-economical, historical, cultural factors, and hitting various rocks in its way and thus reaching a form. It has grown in this process. In villages, the culture and tradition is still preserved. If we have to enhance the traditional theatre forms, then that culture and their literature needs to be studied extensively and then with knowledge, the art form needs to be polished and worked upon.
The pioneer in focusing theatre to the roots and bringing the importance of traditionalism in the art form, eminent playwright and Chairperson of National School of Drama, Padma Shri Ratan Thiyam summed up his thoughts on enhancing and polishing traditional theatre forms in these words.

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Crisis of leadership in battle of the ballots

On January 25th India observes National Voters’ Day and this year it is more special with four states bound to see the battle of winning the confidence of the voters. Parties have gone out and out to win over this trust, with the unwavering confidence that they can be successful even after presenting leaders already holding other important positions as the de facto power holders. Bhartiya Janata Party’s persued the voters in Goa presenting to them Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar, who also happens to be the former chief minister of the state, as their de facto chief minister and cashing in on his presence and importance in New Delhi.


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From Swami Vivekananda to the youth of India, with love

“You will be nearer to Heaven through football than through study of Gita.”

Only a true saint could have uttered these words, a saint who as much a believer of the God as he was an atheist. This is the reason why Swami Vivekananda is relevant yet today, at times when it feuds based on religion are no surprise and yet intolerance is a myth in that Utopian world.


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कहो कि हमसे ग़िला है क्या?

कहाँ तो इशारों की अठखेलियाँ करोगे,
कहाँ तो रस भरे नग़मे कहोगे,
रसिकों की महफ़िल में,
यूँ नज़रे फेरे दूर बैठे हो,
कहो कि हमसे ग़िला है क्या?

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Emerging from the dynasty cocoon: Akhilesh Yadav vs Rahul Gandhi

‘Akhilesh Yadav’ was the answer a sixth standard student of Uttar Pradesh gave to my query on who the President of India is. The answer gives insights into how Akhilesh Yadav as the Chief Minister hasn’t brought much of a wind of change, still how much influence he has in the state’s politics.


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