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Jolly wins, not Akshay Kumar

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A satire well written on Indian judiciary seldom fails, and Jolly LLB 2 gets the unanimous applause for the theme. Walking on almost identical lines of its predecessor Jolly LLB starring Arshad Warsi, it continues the legacy with an extra pinch of lampoon and hilarity. Obvious it may sound, because the setting this time is not Delhi, but something closer home to conviviality-Uttar Pradesh.

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Losing self on the tunes of Sarinda

There are not many hands playing Sarinda, a three string traditional musical instrument of Tripura. Ranjan Debbarma, 60, is one of six people in the state with finesse over the instrument. At Natya Gram, it was one-of-its-kind attempt to bring the soulful music of this instrument in theatre. Sarinda music paired with that of flute and dholak was extensively used in the first play of the 20th People’s Theatre Festival, ‘Roop’.

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I do not know theatre, says Ratan Thiyam, the master

Tradition is like a waterfall, a stream that has flowed through time for over hundreds of years, affected by socio-economical, historical, cultural factors, and hitting various rocks in its way and thus reaching a form. It has grown in this process. In villages, the culture and tradition is still preserved. If we have to enhance the traditional theatre forms, then that culture and their literature needs to be studied extensively and then with knowledge, the art form needs to be polished and worked upon.
The pioneer in focusing theatre to the roots and bringing the importance of traditionalism in the art form, eminent playwright and Chairperson of National School of Drama, Padma Shri Ratan Thiyam summed up his thoughts on enhancing and polishing traditional theatre forms in these words.

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A holiday less expected: From outpouring emotions to encountering reality

A few hours after returning from a memorable trip, I write this with my heart going back to the moments of peace and glee. So much so, that I prefer to write about this trip to Puri rather than any other trip taken in the holidays two months back.

Evening 7:30, plan confirmed for the trip, for the celebration of one of our friend’s birthday. Morning 5:00am, we were all lost at how unprecedented a day can be.

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Beyond Gandhi, through the eyes of an artist

The canvas speaks only through colours. It has expressions of its own; the temperature of the colours, the texture, the thickness of the colourful strokes, the mood; every nuance fills with the rush of emotions. It is this language that connects, it is this language that one needs, of emotions and appreciation.


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Unkempt for a Cause

No shave November is almost here. It’s time to maintain the mane. But is it really for the reason why it began?

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Into the Indian Heartland: A journey by Train

Railway travel exposes you to the best of the beauties, the local life and the worst of the nightmares. Out of all the things that give me pleasure, train travel is one. And mind not, because the AC carriages are not my favourites, for if it was not for the observation of those stranger lives, the sound and speed of the wind tiring the eyes, the boredom on those faces of the sleeper boogies, my father narrating different tales associated with the places passing by which he had stayed or visited once during his life which was one big travelogue in itself, telling about his knowledge on farming, the clear view of the sky without any filter of the glass, I wouldn’t have loved the train travels so much. When you are travelling the better coaches, you find your fellow travellers busy with their own work, or with something that can keep them busy all the while. But, in the sleepers, the monotony of sitting and the lookout for options to pass the time is interesting.

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Yes, She had a Marilyn Moment

Yes, she had a Marilyn Monroe moment. And that many girls and ladies have. What makes it a headline grabber, or news at the first place? She is the Duchess, on her first visit to India with the Duke. Going by the prominence news value, it is news. Added with the revelation of a bit more skin than people would have expected the wind to have done made it a lead picture, probably the moment of the day for a ‘trusted’ daily. Another one joined the race, fascinated by the coverage, gave a broader coverage visually, talking about the many Marilyn Monroe moments that the Duchess had. It isn’t just the Indian media. The aforementioned league was continued by a U.K. journal when all it could notice about Kate during the Gandhi Samadhi visit were her ‘un-pedicured’ toes.

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90 years of Fendi: Haute Fourrure Fashion Show in Rome

Who wouldn’t have fallen for those Fendi bags? For ninety years now, the luxury brand has been the prominent choice from apparel to accessories.

Celebrating this accomplishment of ninety years in the sartorial world, Fendi has chosen its birthplace, Rome for the anniversary with a unique Haute Fourrure Fashion Show on July 7, 2016.

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