No shave November is almost here. It’s time to maintain the mane. But is it really for the reason why it began?

Your beard gives a desirable hunky look. The shapes build a definite character. It is this solace of looking a man, transforming from a boy-next-door look. From the sharp cuts to the unkempt look—soon all the fashion followers will be flooded with tips and tricks to look suave this season, with thousands of grooming products; products for the perfect sheen, volume and the appeal. Wait. Shouldn’t the reason why this celebration of manhood is being observed the following month be discussed first? Believing this, let’s rest other stuff for a rest for the while.

An initiative to raise awareness about different cancers, prompting people to embrace their hair, which the cancer patients lose through the treatment time and donate the money spend on the grooming towards the cause to educate about cancer prevention, save lives, and aid those fighting the battle. The initiative was for girls and boys alike, to be at their laziest best and let their shaving tools rest for the whole month. And thus, with the portmanteau of ‘mo’ from moustache and the other half of November, Movember was born. The organization did even see exponential increase in fundraising with this concept and the patients of breast cancer, awareness about which is spread internationally in the month preceding November, i.e. October (observed as the month of breast cancer awareness) get the maximum of this fundraising.

The irony is that the organisation’s efforts didn’t fare well. It took up as a stormy trend, and has risen as the same—another month to groove on the grooming.

There are different relevance and beliefs and symbolism of beard in different cultures and religions. Going beyond this concept, growing beard is the ‘it’ trend, not since yesterday, but has been building up for last few years, with Bollywood and Hollywood men sporting it alike. No character, evil or good, is seen without the mane, all done to the perfection; from silver screens to smaller screens and finally replicating to the real lives. The beard has become such a criterion of manhood and strength hat poor Tiger Shroff had to finally sport one, even if it was just trifling, in his next.

At times when clean has become the passé and the scruffy is the modish drift, it is not unruly to expect some more people joining in the no-shave movement. Best that this way you have a classy justification for the disheveled look.