Well said that success has many fathers but failure is often orphan. The surgical strikes across the Line of Control (LoC) in September destroying several terrorist launch pads were one such.

Unison wasn’t a surprise, but a necessity at times with the country careworn through the attacks and losses like in Uri. Such instances of unison are rare and at all times the result of the timings. If, in any case the strikes would haven’t been this successful, if in any case there had been any international condemnation however bleak it may have been, and if there had been one of the worst response from Pakistan (though the continual ceasefire violations are no less), there are seldom chances that the political upfront not being flooded with criticism, more than the doubts that were raised.

There have been certain opinions that there have been surgical strikes before, but done silently as they should be. The move to announce the strike in public is fueled by the political gains and expectations from the party in centre. It is as true as the fact that the strikes were a requisite in dwindling security situations. There are oblivious political gains, and thus increasing fathers of the success. Politicization of such success is not new, and in true terms politics; though such moves are always ill-advised.

Eyeing Uttar Pradesh elections, Samajwadi Party tried to bask in the credits of the surgical strikes, claiming that the strikes were just actions on the suggestions of party supreme Mulayam Yadav. While, the others who could only stand as spectators tried to push down the glorifying affect by pointing out certain loopholes, demanding proofs.

Imagining a situation when the strikes were not perceived as an encouraging step; remained unappreciated, seen as a step provoking the already tense relations and spoiling all the efforts to smoothen things. Would the social media be reacting the same way? Would there be similar videos going viral of people threatening and showing mirror to Pakistan of its insignificance with reference to the Indian size? Imagining if this had happened without Uri, then, had the strikes been orphan?