Note: I intend no gender bias here but write by few experiences that I had in past few days. It is not about which way is better.

It takes two men a few punches to resolve their fiasco and get accustomed to the normal life. Though, many a times this has turned to have risen triple folds, more than few punches of course, leading to wars and big crimes. But here I discuss some trivial matters where men just be men, by fighting out things physically. They fail to think of some better options. Forgive me for saying men, rather I must use ‘boys’ who are still stuck to fighting things out.I don’t even complain of there not being some sane men out there, it is just the popular method they follow, either due to behavioural characteristics or societal perceptions. Here, I get a cue to share how women tend to fight out on trivial matters, or on things that hurt them. When it is two women taking on each other, Whatsapp messages of the finest literary with words enough and worth a book are less. We have damn such complex emotions that nothing less than that gives peace. This, I realise when for my some bad habits to kill the time, I mistakenly peek into the fellow stranger passenger’s phone.

I see the lady sitting next to me write such long and impressive whatsapp messages explaining her take on some issue that has led to a foul relationship between her and the women she is talking to. And then, comes a message from the other side, equally long and full of complex emotional memories, reminding the other of certain glaring mistakes which she had earlier ignored and not given an ear to. Every word was measured, with the optimal amount of opinions, instances, explanations peppered to it. Too much scrolling was required to read that long a message. Phew. I reminded myself that I was going too deep into the bad habit, I would have stopped, if they were not written with such finesse. Not all women would be fighting like this. But definitely it is something sort of common when two women are quarreling on some emotional breakage — they remind each other of the finest days, the coolest nights and of the reasons why they broke.
When compared to men, women tend to choose the communicative methods to resolve their dispute, as also noticed that these disputes could have born from miscommunication i.e. poor conversation of thoughts. Confronting a person verbally is also more prevalent than a physical bout.

In both the cases it is doubtful whether the conflict was resolved properly or persisted. The method used can be direct conflict, indirect conflict, avoiding conflict or aggression. Of all these there are few which are more prevalent in women while others more in men. But, the ways they interact with similar genders in conflict are more interesting as I told in that example. Conflicts, either in personal life or workplace are resolved through these methods.

However, amidst all these personal opinions of mine, there are loopholes of individual difference irrespective of gender. One can always find examples that don’t fit in these characterizations. My own viewpoint might change with increasing experience of life, but till then this is what I found as conflict resolution–bashing men and communicative women.