Everyone is the protagonist of their tale. And if they are, then possibilities are high that they must even be the villain of someone else’s. If you are the good, then you are even the bad. Think of that somebody’s story where you could be the villain. What, you can’t remember one? Did you just say to yourself that you have been pretty nice to everyone? Oh, how I feel poor for you. You are missing that grey shade of human self, the shade which makes you human.  One doesn’t remember such occasions because they are not a part of their down days, their stories of struggles or their stories of heroism. These are somebody other’s.


Find out who that somebody has been through this while. Search in your story who could they be right now or till now, and you will find the ugly shade of you, a new tale to share. For everyone knows you, they have heard your tales a million time. Narrate them your share of shades.