Freedom of expression is arguably one of the most misunderstood rights. The fight between the so called Nationals and the alleged anti-nationals brewed two different opinions in the Media, one supporting each of the sides. The series of incidents led to media exercising its responsibility of providing more than facts. Interpretation of facts and information took the driving seat.

Media moved towards mobilization, another point from the list of its series of responsibilities. Until something gravely wrong happened to this, all was good with this scenario. Interpreting is needed, taking sides (not similar to being biased) and being anti-establishment is expected and valid, but what took the ugly turn was going at any level to prove that one’s side of story being presented is the only true one. The job of trying to build opinions was taken too seriously, leaving the audience confused, fueling the already hyped controversy. If one side supported their stand and claim of trying to protect the Right to Freedom of speech, the other media houses took a rather sturdy take against the alleged culprits for misusing the otherwise sacred right, presenting their own facts.

Unfortunately, they didn’t stop here. Instead the matter went worst with each broadcaster throwing allegations against each other, claiming the other’s side being untrue. One could smell some turf of ‘egoism’ between different broadcasters. The turf only brought confusion to the masses. Criticism was taken to a higher level, claiming facts to have been fabricated, criticizing the contemporaries, which always taken in bad taste.

This ruined the news experience. It felt pity to see hours being spent to just contradict the counterparts instead of talking of the facts and the reason for their respective stands. This led to a perplexed state amongst the people of which facts to believe.  This provoked a thought that should media limit the TRP race at some stage. In certain situations, such opposite stands make people aware of the different aspects and opinions on an issue, but taking it too far, especially by criticizing the other Media houses.

Take stands, be anti-establishment, and bring views sometimes with news, the audience wants this. From a viewer’s heart, I write that don’t do this ‘Chhi chha Ledar’. We desire of pure facts and interpretations, better if you are able to mobilize people. Don’t cross the thin line and never let your internal policies be the litmus of proving the contemporaries wrong. Opinions shall be respected, if first media learns how to gain it.