Yes, she had a Marilyn Monroe moment. And that many girls and ladies have. What makes it a headline grabber, or news at the first place? She is the Duchess, on her first visit to India with the Duke. Going by the prominence news value, it is news. Added with the revelation of a bit more skin than people would have expected the wind to have done made it a lead picture, probably the moment of the day for a ‘trusted’ daily. Another one joined the race, fascinated by the coverage, gave a broader coverage visually, talking about the many Marilyn Monroe moments that the Duchess had. It isn’t just the Indian media. The aforementioned league was continued by a U.K. journal when all it could notice about Kate during the Gandhi Samadhi visit were her ‘un-pedicured’ toes.


What value, information, entertainment or education does such coverage provide? Do we care? Well, to many this could be entertainment. If Marilyn’s iconic picture can be a piece of entertainment then why not Kate Middleton’s? Marilyn posed, Kate didn’t. Isn’t it just lowering the level of journalism? Coming to the entertainment aspect, it is said that media mimics mass, and mass mimics media. Considering this, either the masses wants this, making it an important piece of coverage for the target audience or the media is being driven by sensationalism to get more audience. Going by the criticism that such coverage got on social media, it is clear that the audience isn’t supportive of this stint.

A look at some stories that the online portals of certain news organizations brings hatred for the style of sensationalism hype that they create to make the readers click, the script that appears to be offensive to the soul takes a toll over the sensibilities and the ethics. Is a sect of Media lacking empathy? The way such subjects are covered degrades the quality of journalism. It should be understood that the lower one gets on the ladder of sensationalism, is not proportional to the liking that the story will get from the audience.