With the surge in the population and never ending constructions, is there any spot left in Delhi for the ethereal and ghostly things to hide? Here are a few different unexplored places. Visit and feel the eeriness!


  1. Sanjay Van, Near Vasant Kunj

At a stretch of about 10 Kms, Sanjay Van near Vasant Kunj, is known for both-being a green lung to the city and also to be haunted by spirits. It gets this fame for housing innumerable Majaars (masouleums of sufi saints) & graves punctuated with broken ramparts of Qila Rai Pithora. Many encounters of crying children, pushing and clawing has been reported here ever since its existence. A good place to experience the ghastly feeling and enjoy the forest feel amidst the concrete Delhi.

2. Feroz Shah Kotla fort- The fort of djinns, Delhi Gate (behind the stadium)

Who says spirits can’t read? At Feroz Shah Kotla Fort they do. The fort is believed to be preoccupied by djinns who heed to the problems told to them through letters. You can see these letters there. People even swear to have been helped in their gloomy days by the djinns and offer prayers.

Feroze Shah Kotla Fort
Feroze Shah Kotla Fort

3. Khooni Darwaza-

The place which is said to be haunted by a prince’s spirit who committed suicide by consuming crushed diamonds. Some even affirm to have seen blood drops and thus the reason behind the christening of this place.

4. Agrasen ki baoli, Hailey Road, Near Cannaught Place-

The water here in the previous century was considered witched. Sadly the water has dried now, and maybe with the water the tales of its eeriness too vanished. Though another reason for its popularity could be its impressionistic presence in so many Bollywood flicks.

Agrasen Ki Baoli
Agrasen Ki Baoli


5. Mutiny House

A memorial built by the British to commemorate the death of their officials in the revolt of 1857, people claim to have found chopped-up moving arms and legs of the deceased officials in the evenings. It truly must be a ghastly sight for those who have witnessed it first-hand, true or not.

6. Lonely Delhi Roads

Are the ill-lit, lonely Delhi streets less than any haunted place? Encounter with any creeping shadow can certainly give you goose-bumps out of fear. This fear may even be out of Delhi being so vulnerable to criminal activities.

Warning: Brave-hearts or weak-hearts, visit at your own risk.

Pictures have been taken by the blogger.