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“Don’t stare at me”

“I’m not”

“You just did”

“How can I looking at you trouble you? By the way it wasn’t a stare, just a random look.”

“You guys are always such despicable.”

“Not interested. It’s such a bad idea to have to share a room with you, even if it’s just for a night. If it hadn’t been this urgent assignment I would never have accompanied you.”

“Oh…. Rather it should be me being more scared and attentive.”

“Why, I’m no devil”

“Any moment you can, maybe you decide to go downstairs or order Vodka here, get drunk, and turn into a devil like it happens in the murder thrillers involving a sweet girl like me”

“Whoa..Your imagination is wandering too much. Give it some peace or your night shall pass like hell, a sleepless night followed by a day of hectic schedules.”

“But my imagination is not wandering, I’m just telling how usually crime stories are shown.”

“Why on earth would I ever do such a thing? Told you, least interested.”

“Your heart always contradicts your brain”

“Wait a sec, why are you in a constant blame and threat mode, if I were interested I would have initiated a better talk. And even you could be a threat to me.”

“Explanation required”

“Couldn’t a girl get drunk and turn into that devil you have talked about till now, for the pity guy who was made to share a room due to this tight budget. In your case it’s easier to imagine you turning into the devil, which is your usual self”

“Are you serious? Even if any such thing of me forcing upon you were to happen, you are more beautifully built and powerful enough to throw back me. So chances of me turning into a devil are less likely.”

“Why would I ever let a young, decent, intelligent and pretty girl throw off me when she’s all interested in me?”

“See, the devil is you.”

“And the stupid is you.”


“I just called you pretty, beautiful and seductive, and still what you notice is the devil.”

“Same goes for you, even you didn’t notice the beautifully built and powerful adjectives I used for you.”

Smiles and Silences!